Top 10 Most Rare Valuable Coins in the World


Top 10 Most Expensive Coins in the World

List of Most Rarest Expensive and Valuable Coins in the World
    A coin is a small, typically round, flat piece of metal or plastic that serves primarily as legal tender or a medium of exchange. To make trade easier, they are mass-produced at a mint in standardized weights. Governments most frequently issue them. On coins, there are frequently pictures, numbers, or text. Obverse and reverse are terms used to describe the two flat faces of coins and medals. In this context, the terms "obverse" and "reverse" refer to the front and back faces of the object, respectively. Because it frequently features the head of a famous person, a coin's obverse is known as having heads and its reverse as having tails.

Top 10 Most Rarest and Expensive Coins

01.    1933 Double Eagle

List of Most Rarest Expensive and Valuable Coins in the World

Minting Years:    1933

Composition:    90% gold, 10% copper

Value:    $18,872,250

A 20-dollar gold coin from the United States, the 1933 double eagle. Despite the fact that this Saint-Gaudens double eagle was struck in 445,500 pieces in 1933, none were ever officially circulated, and all but two were directed to be melted down. However, it is known that 20 additional coins were stolen to prevent melting, whereupon they were acquired by collectors and later found. With only 14 known specimens remaining, only one of which is privately owned and is known as the Weitzman Specimen, this coin is among the rarest in the entire world. Eight of the recovered coins were destroyed. This increased the final sale price to $7,590,020.00, nearly doubling the previous coin record. The coin was listed as Lot 1 in Sotheby's 8 June 2021, auction, and it was sold that day for $18,872,250.

02.    Flowing Hair Dollar

Flowing Hair Dollar

Minting Years:    1794–1795

Composition:    90.00% Silver, 10.00% Copper

Value:    $10,016,875

The first dollar coin produced by the US federal government was the Flowing Hair dollar. The Spanish dollar, which was widely used in trade throughout the Americas, served as the model for the coin's size and weight, which were minted in 1794 and 1795. The highest selling price ever paid for a coin was $10,016,875, which was paid at auction for the best known specimen in 2013, which was among the earliest coins ever struck and was meticulously prepared. The Cardinal Collection Educational Foundation purchased it previously in 2010 for a record-breaking $7.85 million.

03.    Brasher Doubloon

Brasher Doubloon

Minting Years:    1787

Composition:    89.3% Gold, 6.4% Silver, approximately 3% Copper 

Value:    $9.36 million

A Rare American doubloon with eight escudos and a face value of sixteen dollars, the Brasher Doubloon was privately minted between 1787 and 1801. It was subsequently purchased from Blanchard and Company of New Orleans, Louisiana for nearly $7.4 million by an undisclosed Wall Street investment firm, making it the most expensive coin ever produced in the United States. This record was surpassed by a Brasher Doubloon that Heritage Auctions sold in January 2021 for $9.36 million, setting a world record for a gold coin sold at a public auction.

04.    Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

Minting Years:    1907–1933, 2009

Composition:    90% gold, 10% copper

Value:    $7,590,020

The Saint-Gaudens double eagle is a twenty dollar gold coin that was struck by the US Mint from 1907 to 1933. The coin is named after its creator, sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who created both the obverse and reverse. Many people believe it to be the most beautiful U.S. landmark. S. coins. Among U.S. coins with the highest value is the 1933 double eagle. S. Currently, there are only one known set of coins, which was purchased in 2002 for $7,590,020.

05.    Edward III Florin

Edward III Florin

Minting Years:    1344

Composition:    Gold  

Value:    $6.9 million

The English florin, also referred to as the double leopard, was an attempt by Edward III in 1344 to create gold coinage usable both in England and throughout Europe. It had a face value of six shillings, which is equal to 30 modern pence, and was authorized on January 27, 1344. It was made from 108 grains (6point 99 829 grams) of nominally pure ('fine') gold and weighed 108 grains.

06.    Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Minting Years:    2007

Composition:    Gold (99.99% Au) 

Value:    $5,407,400

The first $1,000,000 coin in history was created by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007. The coin weighs 3,215 troy ounces or 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of 99.999 percent pure gold and has a diameter of 50 centimeters (20 inches) and a thickness of 3 centimeters (1.2 inches). Investors from around the world have already purchased five of these magnificent gold bullion coins. At an auction held in Vienna at the Dorotheum auction house, the final coin to sell at a public auction sold for USD 5 point 4 million. A large coin from this collection was taken in March 2017 from Berlin, Germany's Bode Museum.

07.    Umayyad Gold Dinar

Umayyad Gold Dinar

Minting Years:    696–697 CE

Composition:    Gold (.917)

Value:    $4,780,000

In AH 77 (696–697 CE), Caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan first introduced the gold dinar, an Islamic medieval gold coin. A mithqal is equal to 4 points, 25 grams, or 0.0137 troy ounces, and it is the weight of one dinar. The Latin word denarius—a name for a silver coin—is where the word dinar first appeared. Gold coins from the Sasanid, Kushan, and Kidarite dynasties are also referred to as "dinars," despite the fact that it is unknown what their original name was. The Umayyad Caliphate was the one to introduce the dinar. The use of the dinar expanded from Islamic Spain to Central Asia under the dynasties that came after. On October 25, 2019, it was put up for auction at Morton and Eden with a pre-sale estimate of £1 point 4 to £1 point 6 million. However, an anonymous bidder won it for a final price of £3 point 72 million ($4 point 78 million).

08.    Liberty Head Nickel

Liberty Head Nickel

Minting Years:    1883–1913

Composition:    75% Copper, 25% Nickel

Value:    $4.5 million

The Liberty Head nickel is a five-cent American coin that is also referred to as the "V nickel" due to its reverse (or tails) design. At least five pieces were covertly struck with a 1913 date between 1883 and 1912 when it was struck for circulation. The goddess of Liberty can be seen standing to the left on the coin's obverse. The Liberty Head nickel, also known as the V nickel due to its reverse (or tails) design, is a five-cent coin made in the United States. At least five pieces were covertly struck with a 1913 date between 1883 and 1912 when it was struck for circulation. The goddess of Liberty is depicted on the obverse in a left-facing position.

09.    Silver Dollar Class 1

Silver Dollar Class 1

Minting Years:    1804 

Composition:    90.0% Ag 10.0% Cu

Value:    $3,865,750

There are currently fifteen examples of the 1804 dollar, also known as the Bowed Liberty Dollar, that the United States Mint produced. Despite being dated 1804, none of them were actually produced in that year; instead, they were all produced in the 1830s or later. When Edmund Roberts visited Siam and Muscat, they were initially produced for use in unique proof coin sets given as diplomatic gifts. The Bust Dollar Class 1 was created around 183 years ago and sold on March 31st, 2017, by Stack's Bowers Galleries and Sotherby's, for $3,865,750.

10.    Lincoln Head Copper Penny

Lincoln Head Copper Penny

Minting Years:    1909–present

Composition:    95% copper, remainder tin or zinc

Value:    $2,320,200

Since 1909, the United States Mint has been minting the Lincoln cent, also known as the Lincoln penny, a one-cent coin. Victor David Brenner created the "wheat pennies," which were minted from 1909 to 1958, as well as the original reverse, which featured two wheat stalks. The coin's reverse, or tails, has undergone a number of changes, and it currently features a Union shield design by Lyndall Bass. A unique 1943-D graded PCGS MS64 Brown sold for $1,750,000 in 2010 (or $2,320,200 today), but some variations sell for between $100,000 and $500,000.

List of Most Rarest Expensive and Valuable Coins in the World

  1. 1933 Double Eagle
  2. Flowing Hair Dollar
  3. Brasher Doubloon
  4. Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle
  5. Edward III Florian
  6. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  7. Umayyad Gold Dinar
  8. Liberty Head Nickel
  9. Silver Dollar Class 1
  10. Lincoln Head Copper Penny

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